A group of young entrepreneurs are converting the algae accumulated on the beaches of Yucatan into fertilizer for agro-industrial and domestic use. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Theyucatantimes.com is running a story about a group of young entrepreneurs in Yucatan, Mexico, that have consolidated a project that converts the algae accumulated on the beaches into 100% organic fertilizer for agro-industrial and domestic use.

Salgax Biotecnología Marina Aplicada has created a seaweed fertilizer that can be used for high value crops such as habanero pepper, tomato, sunflower, coriander, Persian lemon, aloe vera, melon, basil, papaya, ornamental plants and many others. The administrative director of the project, Guadalupe Dayré Catzín, said that their fertilizer increases the thickness and height of the plant stem, allowing a greater leaf coverage, early blooming, more root growth, as well as larger and better quality fruits.

The algae is obtained from the municipalities in the west coastal area, since the type of seaweed that accumulates in those beaches features the appropriate conditions to be turned into fertilizer, said the process manager of the company, Mauricio Gómez. “We cannot use (just) any kind of algae. There are some that have high levels of contamination and it is the west coast that currently has the right conditions for the process of transformation into liquid fertilizers. We are currently collecting on the shores of Sisal.”

After the collection, the algae undergoes a desalination process, is introduced in recyclable plastic bottles and finally marketed.

Director Catzín recalled that last year, they won first place in the Entrepreneur Challenge Yucatan, and received economic support of $315,000 pesos that allowed them to start a more industrialized packaging process.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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