by Mark Edwards, Chair, A.I.M. Scientific Advisory Board

The Algae Industry Magazine’s International Readers’ Poll mission is to enable you to:

  1. Recognize and reward innovation and excellence.
  2. Convey who and what make a difference in the algae industry.
  3. Celebrate innovative people, companies, laboratories and technologies.

The A.I.M. International Readers’ Poll takes about five minutes – as you vote for one candidate in each of 16 categories. You are not required to vote in every category. If you are interrupted, you may log off and return where you left off. Of course, your individual votes are anonymous. The survey process allows no ballot-box stuffing.

Voting will run from December 1-15. Algae Industry Magazine will publish the winners Monday, January 11, 2016. We will share the profiles of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Winners’ information will provide rich content for journalists, scientific and educational institutions, as well as social media.

What is trending in the Algae Industry? Please help us in this process of discovery! Your choices will shine a bright light on outstanding algae industry contributors.