Taking the Liqoflux Pre-Concentration System on the road.

Taking the Liqoflux Pre-Concentration System on the road.

Last year Commercial Algae Professionals and Liqoflux introduced the Liqoflux Pre-Concentration System, a new component for the process chain of algae production. This membrane system that will allow for capillary algae pre-concentration and capillary media recycling was uncharted territory, so the companies decided to take the unit on the road and demonstrate results at existing production facilities.

Liqocap® capillary filters are specially developed for algae pre-concentration and effluent water recycling, and designed with algae-specific requirements including: stable flux, minimal fouling and reduction of the shear stress on the algae, allowing preservation of the cell integrity.

It is a “plug and play” solution that requires minimal operator attention, as once all of the electrical and plumbing connections are made and the process variables are set, the PLC system takes over.

The units come in containerized systems for processing up to 80 m3/hr. They are food grade for both fresh and marine water applications. “Coupled with a second step harvesting solution, the Liqoflux Capillary Algae Pre-concentration can reduce dewatering costs of algae dramatically, and produce clean water economically,” said Jeremy Weir, of Commercial Algae Professionals.

Results at a large nannochloropsis grower in Texas achieved concentration factors of 20 and higher. The unit had a 100% algae capture rate and the permeate came out crystal clear – algae and contaminant free.

With the latest successful pilot test in the United States, Liqoflux is now active in Australia, Europe, and the US. “This next one will be a great test for the Liqoflux system,” said Mr. Weir.“We’re scheduled at Arizona State University to concentrate many different types of algae.”

Further tests are scheduled in Arizona, California, and Montana. “It is exciting to see the interest from companies to try this unit,” he said, “and we are open to hearing from others who would like to test out the process.”

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