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Producing a Better Algae for Biofuels with Wastewater

The Los Alamos Reporter highlights new research by New Mexico Consortium scientist, Joseph Msanne, along with colleagues Shawn Starkenburg and Juergen Polle, that looks at whether growing algae for biofuels using wastewater from different sources can lead to a higher end lipid content…

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Why Hydrothermal Liquefaction hasn’t taken off yet

Wenguang Zhou writes in Sciencetrends.com about work recently published in the journal Bioresource Technology regarding why Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) of microalgae — a bio-oil technology which does not require dewatering and drying of algal biomass — up to now, has rarely been commercialized…

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Producing a biofertilizer with microalgae and wastewater

The high concentration of nutrients in wastewaters and in effluents of agro-industrial processes, particularly total N and P, is an environmental problem, and requires costly chemical-based treatments to remove them during wastewater treatment. The ability of microalgae to effectively grow in nutrient-rich…

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Transforming the waste from wastewater

Mark Harris writes in the Guardian about a pilot project in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where Dr. Peter Lammers, a professor in algal bioenergy at Arizona State University, along with researchers at New Mexico State University, are diverting effluent from the city’s wastewater treatment plant into rows of long plastic…

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Algae-based wastewater system for Cape Cod

CapeCod.com writes about a man in Yarmouth, Massachusetts trying to solve the region’s water quality woes by pursuing a pilot program that uses algae both to remove nutrients from wastewater and also to power the process. Brian Braginton-Smith, president and CEO of AquaGen Infrastructure Systems…

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