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Swedish Algae Factory scales up for solar cells

Swedish Algae Factory, a start-up supported by EIT InnoEnergy, has received close to EUR 1.7 million from the EU LIFE programme. The grant will be used to scale up the material extraction from algae that can increase the efficiency of solar cells. The company’s innovation increases the efficiency of solar panels by using…

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Oman Centre, Swedish Algae Factory partner for diatoms

Trade Arabia reports that the Oman Centre for Marine Biotechnology (OCMB) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Swedish Algae Factory to support the domestic cultivation of algae as a source for commercially valuable nutrients and nanomaterial for the marine…

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Swedish Algae Factory developing more efficient solar panels

Camille Charluet writes in thenextweb.com about Swedish Algae Factory, a self-proclaimed “visionary algae lab,” that works with a specific strain of diatom algae that can endure and multiply in the grim low-light, low-temperature conditions of the Nordic sea and has a set of remarkable abilities. The outer shell of…

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