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UCSD researchers turning algae waste into products

Cynthia Dillon reports that the UC San Diego researchers who developed algae-based flip-flops and surfboards are advancing their brand of renewable and biodegradable materials for use in other products including coated fabrics, patent leather, adhesives, flavors and fragrances…

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The algae-based sustainable surfboard

UC San Diego’s efforts to produce innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental problems have resulted in a partnership with the region’s surfing industry to create the world’s first algae-based, sustainable surfboard. The surfboard was publicly unveiled and presented to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer…

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Potential Malarial Vaccine from Algae

Biologists at the University of California, San Diego have succeeded in engineering algae to produce potential candidates for a vaccine that would prevent transmission of the parasite that causes malaria, an achievement that could pave the way for…

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