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2017 — It was a seaweed year for algae

Of all of the directions that the algae industry has pivoted to in recent years, 2017 will likely go down as the year that seaweed finally received major attention. As the year began we passed along a story about a Korean research team at Ewha Womans University, in Seoul, South Korea that has developed the technology…

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UConn researchers turning seaweed into biofuel

UConn Professor Charles Yarish has spent his career studying seaweed, and he just got news that the federal government is going to fund one of his dream projects. The grant from the Department of Energy is $5.7 million, and will go to Dr. Yarish and colleagues at the University of Connecticut…

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Seaweed: from superfood to superconductor

Seaweed could turn out to be an essential ingredient in yet another trend: the development of more sustainable ways to power our devices. Researchers have made a seaweed-derived material to help boost the performance of superconductors, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells. The team presented their…

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Seaweed driving product development at Algaia

Gaynor Selby writes in FoodIngredientsFirst that seaweed, with its many varieties, is poised to become the next super green superfood, and is finding new product applications in Western markets due to its wide ranging health benefits. Algaia, with headquarters in Paris, France, recently bolstered its growth in specialty marine…

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Clean and efficient processing of harvested seaweed

A Quebec-based company that specializes in the manufacturing and commercialization of marine and seaweed-based products for agriculture and horticulture constructed a new processing plant located in the maritime region of the lower St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. This location provides easy…

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Seaweed as a wood finish

Benedict O’Donnell writes in the EU Research and Innovation magazine, Horizon, about research being developed on seaweed as a biological, environmentally friendly, sustainable, alternative to oil-based varnish for wood preservation. The NEXT1KOAT project, which was coordinated by Francisco Melero from the…

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Seaweed gains ground as food staple in South America

Orlando Milesi reports for IPS News that nutrient-rich seaweed, a regular part of the diet of several South American indigenous peoples, is emerging as a new pillar of food security in Latin America and is providing a livelihood for thousands of people in the region’s coastal areas. Seaweeds have been used as human food…

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Can seaweed cure food allergies?

Edible seaweed are low-calorie and packed with nutrients. Now scientists have found that a type of commercial red macroalgae could help counteract food allergies. They report their findings, using mice, in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (May 17, 2016). Food allergies are a major global health issue that can…

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Seaweed growing at the dinner table

Jason Tetro writes in the Huffington Post that the history of seaweed at the dinner table is longstanding. Back in 600 BC, a Chinese author supposedly stated, “Some algae are a delicacy fit for the most honored guests, even for the King himself.” Back then, these water grasses were considered to be a delicacy rather than a source…

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Culturing agent agar hit by seaweed shortage

Ewen Callaway writes in the jounal Nature that restrictions on harvests and exports of Gelidium seaweed in Morocco have affected the global supply of the lab reagent agar. Microbiology’s most important reagent is in short supply, with potential consequences for research, public health and clinical…

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Replacing rice farming with algaculture

A growing number of villages along the Bengal coastline have been plagued by coastal erosion, repeated cyclones and floods — thanks to climate change. As much as 200 meters of coastline have been disappearing annually, according to a 2013 Zoological Society of London study. This has spelled disaster for rice farming…

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Seaweed as a sustainable feedstock of the future

Studies conducted by EnAlgae partners in Ireland, France and Belgium point the way to seaweed being a viable and sustainable feedstock for the future in North West Europe (NWE). This is the conclusion of a new paper entitled “Comparative environmental life cycle assessment of two seaweed cultivation…

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Making paper from seaweed

Allan Koay writes in thestar.com about a Universiti Malaya research project paving the way for the commercial production of paper pulp and bioethanol from seaweed. The Algae Research Lab at the university in Kuala Lumpur houses machines – all manufactured in South Korea—for making pulp from a species of red…

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