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Genetically engineered algae that can thrive outdoors

Marlene Cimons, nexusmedianews.com reports that researchers at the University of California San Diego and Sapphire Energy have successfully grown a genetically engineered strain of algae outdoors for the first time. Importantly, the modified strain doesn’t hurt native algae populations. Their work appears in a new study…

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CAB-Comm reports on six years of algal research

The Consortium for Algal Biofuel Commercialization (CAB-Comm), led by the University of California, San Diego, has just released its final report, detailing the many accomplishments and impactful contributions achieved in its six years of operation. CAB-Comm was established in 2010 through a competitive award…

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A.I.M. Interview: Sapphire Energy’s Bryn Davis

In January of this year, after six months of plummeting oil prices, Sapphire Energy CEO James E. Levine announced that the company – with eight years and $300+ million of investment into drop-in algal biofuels – “is moving forward with its vision of commercializing its technology through several end markets.” The new…

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A.I.M.’s 2014 Year in Review—Part 2

Much of the development of the algae industry in 2014 was driven by domestic and international alliances, partnerships, and mergers that brought complementary skills and technologies together. These collaborations were forged in record numbers in 2014. Some of the more high profile collaborations…

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