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Chlamydomonas light regulation doubles biomass yield

Due to the overall low thermodynamic efficiency (1 – 4%) of photosynthesis and its impact on crop productivity, substantial efforts are being made to engineer photosynthesis to improve its light use and carbon capture efficiency to increase crop yields. The greatest potential for increasing…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 12

Nutrient cycling provides the foundation for Ana’s quest to supply good food for hungry people. Nature wastes nothing by maintaining a closed nutrient loop. Each plant lives with nutrients passed down from organisms that lived earlier. When the plant or animal dies, it’s nutrients cycle…

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A new type of photosynthesis is discovered

Hayley Dunning writes from the Imperial College of London that a new discovery has changed our understanding of the basic mechanism of photosynthesis and should rewrite the textbooks. It will also tailor the way we hunt for alien life and provide insights into how we could engineer more efficient crops that take advantage…

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Algal enzyme could improve photosynthesis efficiency

For plants and algae that carry on photosynthesis, light can be too much of a good thing. On a bright, sunny day, a plant might only be able to utilize 20 percent or less of absorbed sunlight. The plant dissipates the excess light energy to prevent damage and oxidative stress, and a process called the xanthophyll cycle…

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Radical Option novel shows how humans and algae might unite

What if humans could make the energy they need from sunlight, air and water — like algae, plants and trees? What if humans could perform…photosynthesis? The algae-powered adventure novel Radical Option dives deep into how modifying human DNA could give humanity the edge it needs to combat the climate crisis…

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Optimizing photosynthetic efficiency in algae PBRs

In a recent study, published in PLOS ONE Journal, the influence of light intensity on the growth and lipid productivity of Nannochloropsis salina was investigated in a flat-bed photobioreactor designed to minimize cells self-shading. The influence of various light intensities was studied with both continuous…

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Observing photosynthesis in 3D

Photosynthesis sustains most of the life on our planet. It harvests energy from sunlight, while generating oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The process takes place in the chloroplasts of plants and algae. Researchers in the team of Wolfgang Baumeister at the Max Planck Institute…

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