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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 19

ZooPoo will benefit zoo visitors of every age. The learning facility will serve as a gathering point for environmental and socially conscious networks. ZooPoo provides engaging learning opportunities for people interested in carbon neutral production of food and energy, ecologically sensitive lifestyles as well…

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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 10

Producing food grains to feed animals for meat requires 100 times more water than producing food for vegetarians. Meat production consumes 1,000 times more freshwater than using protein from algae. Algae do not require freshwater or arable land to grow, maximizing resources that…

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A Green Friendship Bridge for Puerto Rico?

The Green Friendship Bridge proposes to shift 1% of the cost for Trump’s proposed wall to build peace microfarms throughout Mexico and Central America. The Friendship Bridge will advance freedom, peace and prosperity rather than constructing an ugly and largely useless barrier. Puerto Rico needs…

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Algae and National Security: Part 1

This series is the first time algae food production systems, peace microfarms, have been positioned as a strategic tool for U.S. national security. Numerous civilian and military experts have made the case for the strategic…

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