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A.I.M.’s 2014 Year in Review—Part 2

Much of the development of the algae industry in 2014 was driven by domestic and international alliances, partnerships, and mergers that brought complementary skills and technologies together. These collaborations were forged in record numbers in 2014. Some of the more high profile collaborations…

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AIM Interview: Jose Sanchez Piña

Currently Vice President of QA & Services at OriginOil Inc., Jose Sanchez Piña is a veteran in the design and field operation of open pond, photobioreactor and dark-growth algae production systems, as well as an experienced executive in product and…

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A.I.M. Interview: OriginOil’s Paul Reep

A recent announcement from OriginOil that Paul Reep had been given the job of Senior Vice President of Technology seemed to have more going on behind it than the release suggested. While his impressive…

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