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Olmix, INRAE partner on sustainable farming

On February 25, 2020, Philippe Mauguin, President and CEO of INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) and Hervé Balusson, CEO of Olmix Group, signed a first framework agreement which aims at strengthening their collaboration in the fields of both environment…

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Algae to reduce the use of antibiotics

The 3rd edition of the “Olmix International Seminar on Animal Health and Nutrition: Algae to Reduce the use of Antibiotics” took place recently in Guangzhou, China. This year’s focus was on the risk of the overuse of antibiotics in animal production and how marine algae technology and its unique active molecules…

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Olmix focusing on marine sulfated polysaccharides

Over the past 20 years Olmix, in the French province of Brittany, has evolved from a company mainly focused on animal care, to a global group active in the broad fields of plant, animal and human care, with a single global strategy: “One Health, Thanks to Algae.” At the Breizh Algae Tour 2016, held in Amsterdam last week…

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Olmix sees algae replacing antibiotics in animal diets

Stuart Lumb and Chakrit Ridmotri write in allaboutfeed.net that animal nutrition company Olmix is working to find natural solutions for food production without using antibiotics. Producers face many problems trying to establish a healthy food chain, and reducing antibiotics for food producing animals is a key topic…

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A.I.M.’s 2014 Year in Review—Part 1

So what happened in the world of algae over the past year? While to many this question might conjure up images of algae-bloomed beaches, Toledo’s toxic water curse of the summer, or maybe just a thought that the concept of algal biofuel has gone bye bye in the wake of cheap oil…

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