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New algae-delivered vaccination technology for fish

Peter O’Dwyer writes in the Irish Examiner that approximately 5% of the world’s fish stock is lost to infectious disease at a cost of more than $10+ billion annually. MicroSynbiotiX, headquartered in Cork City, Ireland, has developed an oral vaccine hidden within microalgae that fish eat, aiming to reduce those losses significantly…

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Harvesting algae as a biofilm

In research by Aravindan Rajendran and Bo Hu published recently in Biotechnology for Biofuels, they describe the development of a novel platform technology using algae and fungal cultures. While microalgae is considered a promising source for biofuel and bioenergy production, bio-remediation and production of high-value…

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Producing a biofertilizer with microalgae and wastewater

The high concentration of nutrients in wastewaters and in effluents of agro-industrial processes, particularly total N and P, is an environmental problem, and requires costly chemical-based treatments to remove them during wastewater treatment. The ability of microalgae to effectively grow in nutrient-rich…

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Bangladesh looking for algae developers

Bangladesh will have 200 million inhabitants by 2050, which will lead to national challenges in terms of food and energy supply, as well as overall sustainability. Bangladesh has been ranked a lower-middle income country for its improved economic performance…

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Efficient transfer of CO2 to microalgal systems

Researchers have developed a new inexpensive and environmentally friendly technique to deliver carbon dioxide to microalgae, according to a study at the University of Melbourne. The technique involves a novel combination of solvent absorption, membrane desorption and microalgal cultivation…

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Magnetic nanoparticle harvests microalgae

Chen Wei-han of the Taipei Times reports that a National Taiwan University (NTU) research team has announced the formulation of a synthetic nanoparticle that is able to extract oil from algae and turn it into biodiesel. The team, led by NTU chemistry professor Chia-wen Wu, synthesized a magnetic nanoparticle for…

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Feeding cattle with post lipid extracted microalgae

Livestock scientists see microalgae’s potential as a sustainable, high-energy feedstuff as well as a protein supplement. Among those scientists are Dr. Megan Van Emon, Assistant Professor at Montana State University, Dr. Daniel Loy, Professor of Animal Science at Iowa State University and Dr. Stephanie Hansen…

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Algae 101: Part 13

Our modern societies face substantial sustainability challenges to food and energy supplies. Our future food, energy and transportation security may rest on our ability to utilize the most efficient means of capturing and storing solar energy for human reuse. The focus on food energy will be used here because…

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Algae 101 Part Six: Algal Classification

Algae are living plants that break the rules for plant classification because they evolved in many different forms—cells, multicellular plants, bacteria and in nearly infinite combinations. While the various species…

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