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Spirulina promoted to fight malnutrition in India

The Times of India reports that nearly 56% of India’s population is malnourished, according to the World Food Programme report. This statistic was quoted by Dr. Ram Rajasekharan, director of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research — Central Food Technological Research Institute…

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Fighting India’s malnutrition with spirulina

Shilpa Baburaj writes in the Times of India that, as a student at PES Institute of Technology (PESIT) in Bengaluru, India, Mahesh RV was disturbed by the condition of undernourished kids. His concern gave birth to the entrepreneurial idea of growing spirulina as a dietary supplement. Today, the 26-year-old is into full-time…

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What foods can algae microfarms grow?

The Green Friendship Bridge project focuses on enabling microfarmers throughout Mexico and Central America to grow food locally so they do not have to migrate north. The initial training will use spirulina because it is easy to grow, harvest, and make into a wide variety of foods. The next question is: “What is the range…

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How can we build the Green Friendship Bridge?

A Green Friendship Bridge composed of 8,600 algae microfarms sprinkled throughout Mexico and Central America offers substantial advantages to all stakeholders, compared with a $20 billion border wall. The GAO estimates the additional wall will cost roughly $16.6 million/mile. Rather than build more wall…

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