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2017 — It was a seaweed year for algae

Of all of the directions that the algae industry has pivoted to in recent years, 2017 will likely go down as the year that seaweed finally received major attention. As the year began we passed along a story about a Korean research team at Ewha Womans University, in Seoul, South Korea that has developed the technology…

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ARPA-E’s MARINER project seeks macroalgae productivity

The United States has the world’s largest marine Exclusive Economic Zone, an area of ocean along the nation’s coastlines which is equivalent to the total land area of all 50 states. The nation has the potential to utilize this resource to build and grow a thriving marine biomass industry for the production of fuels, chemicals…

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Can seaweeds clean up our mess?

Karen Phillips writes for deeperblue.com that algae are the alveoli in the ocean lungs of our planet, vitally important to the health of the seas as home, food source, sanctuary and above all the source of over half the oxygen on this planet. In coral seas there are two main kinds of flora – the microalgae that live within the coral…

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Macroalgae study documents its food value

In a study just published in Phycologia, alga researchers compiled existing data from the scientific literature with respect to contents of compounds that are known to decrease certain risks associated with cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The study provides further support to the idea that one of the best…

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Producing bioethanol and co-products from macroalgae

K. S. Rajgopal writes in thehindu.com about a new study that demonstrates how macroalgal biomass from Gelidiella acerosa and Gracilaria dura collected from Adri and Veraval, both on the west coast of India, and Gelidium pusillum collected from Valinokam on the southeast coast could be used in a biorefinery process…

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Algae 101: Part 13

Our modern societies face substantial sustainability challenges to food and energy supplies. Our future food, energy and transportation security may rest on our ability to utilize the most efficient means of capturing and storing solar energy for human reuse. The focus on food energy will be used here because…

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Algae 101 Part Six: Algal Classification

Algae are living plants that break the rules for plant classification because they evolved in many different forms—cells, multicellular plants, bacteria and in nearly infinite combinations. While the various species…

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