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Sequencing the genome of Porphyra umbilicalis

Michael Abramowitz writes in The Daily Reflector about East Carolina University biologist John Stiller, an associate professor of plant genomics who specializes in the study of molecular evolution and algal genomics. Dr. Stiller serves as a primary researcher on a 50-member team led by the University of Maine…

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Sequenced green algae show large genomic variation

A decade after the complete representative genomes of three Ostreococcus picoplankton groups were sequenced, researchers have sequenced and analyzed the genomes of 13 members of a natural Ostreococcus population. The analysis revealed that the O. tauri population is larger than anticipated, with high…

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Tracing light from algae to plants

Researchers have determined the origin of a group of protein-based light sensors in land plants and a series of related phytoplankton by sequencing and comparing RNA in these genomes. Marine phytoplankton are considered responsible for roughly half…

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