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Hydrogen peroxide, a new solution for harmful algal blooms

A cheap, safe and effective method of dealing with harmful algal blooms is on the verge of being introduced following successful field and lab tests. Moves to adopt use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as an effective treatment against toxic algae are already underway following the results of new research by a team from…

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Did HABs fell the mighty dinosaurs?

Carolyn Gramling writes in ScienceMag that seventy million years ago animals of all sizes came to drink in a rapidly drying river in northwestern Madagascar, and never left. Tiny birds and mighty dinosaurs were entombed together in the riverbed, forming what is now a spectacular series of mass graves. Last week…

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Climate change projected to significantly increase HABs

Harmful algal blooms known to pose risks to human and environmental health in large freshwater reservoirs and lakes are projected to increase because of climate change, according to a team of researchers led by a Tufts University scientist. The team developed a modeling framework that predicts that the largest increase…

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