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Japan’s euglena first for seaweed standard

The Fish Site reports that euglena Co., a Japanese microalgae producer, has become the first in the world to attain certification for the new ASC-MSC Seaweed Standard. The certification recognizes sustainably managed fish and seafood products. euglena was initially founded after its CEO, Mitsuru Izumo…

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Tesla-inspired Euglena bets big on algal jet fuel

JapanNews.com reports that Euglena Co., a Tokyo-based maker of nutritional supplements, is spending ¥5.8 billion ($5.3 million USD) on building a test refinery that converts algae into biofuel used to power jets and vehicles. The investment is equal to about half of last year’s total revenue for the company, though it will…

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Japan’s Euglena looks to China, Southeast Asia for growth

Akiyo Yasuda writes in asia.nikkei.com that Tokyo-based Euglena, a biotech venture formed by the University of Tokyo, is expanding overseas operations. The producer of algae-based products started selling supplements in Singapore and cosmetics in Macau last month. At an earnings briefing in Tokyo recently, Euglena’s…

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Japan’s algae pioneers explore productive strains

With large-scale production at low cost a future possibility, many corporations in Japan are beginning to jump on the algae fuel bandwagon. Heavy industry giant IHI Corp. erected a 1,500-square-meter facility in Kagoshima earlier this year. Commissioned by the central government’s New Energy and Industrial…

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Cleaning wastewater with euglena

Joelle Kovach writes in the Peterborough Examiner that a company developing new technologies using the algae euglena to purify water has opened a new facility near Trent University, in Peterborough, Ontario. Noble Purification was founded by Adam Noble, 21, a medical student. So far, the two-year-old company…

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The potential in your Euglena pond

Scientists at the John Innes Centre, in Norwich, England, have discovered that Euglena gracilis, the single cell algae that inhabits most garden ponds, has a whole host of new, unclassified genes that can make new forms of carbohydrates and natural products. Even with the latest technologies, sequencing the DNA…

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A.I.M.’s 2014 Year in Review—Part 2

Much of the development of the algae industry in 2014 was driven by domestic and international alliances, partnerships, and mergers that brought complementary skills and technologies together. These collaborations were forged in record numbers in 2014. Some of the more high profile collaborations…

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