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Sun Chlorella to roll out awareness campaign

FoodBev Media reports that Sun Chlorella will leverage the growing reputation of algae in a new marketing campaign for 2017 in the UK, designed to extend the appeal of chlorella supplements beyond its current consumer base and into more mainstream markets. Alongside a PR campaign highlighting the…

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Chlorella touted as hangover cure

Lisa Ryan writes for London’s Daily Mail that Chlorella has emerged as a superfood “hero,” full of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients – known as a powerful liver and metal detoxifier that can knock out colds, flus and viruses, and even improve skin. Now, say experts, the single-cell green algae strain can also…

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Bringing algae into the data center

Data centers are the backbone of our modern information society. Without secure data center infrastructures, not only would every economic circuit collapse, but public order would as well. However, data centers continue to be energy consumers…

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Choosing the right algae to feed fish

The Fish Site reports that often the algae chosen for fish feeding studies appear to have been selected largely for convenience, because they are low-cost and commercially available. For example, microalgae such as Spirulina, Chlorella and Dunaliella…

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The Future of Algae, Pt. 2

Algae Competition invited algae enthusiasts, chefs, cooks, food developers, algae eaters, students and teams to create menus, new foods and food products incorporating algae as a featured ingredient. Algae food products are widely available now….

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