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Algae-based alternative to single-use packaging

Natashah Hitti reports in dezeen.com that Chile-based designer Margarita Talep has created a sustainable, biodegradable alternative to single-use packaging, using raw material extracted from algae. Disappointed by the abundance of non-recyclable materials currently used to contain food products, Ms. Talep…

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Algae becoming a sustainable feedstock for bioplastics

The demand for bioplastics is growing globally. Major consumer brands are investing in bioplastics as an opportunity to lower their environmental footprint, including Lego, and Danone, among others. Indeed, the rising demand for bioplastics is influencing the next generation of material choices for packaging and consumer goods…

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Algae — life after biofuels

Monica Jain of Fish 2.0 writes in National Geographic about how the algae brand is about to undergo an image makeover, and may soon seem flat-out glamorous — once again. Algae got a lot of excited press a few years ago as a potential biofuel, but they’re turning out to be a sustainable super-ingredient with…

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High-performance bioplastics from seaweed

Park Se-young, at Arirang News, writes about a Korean research team at Ewha Womans University, in Seoul, South Korea that has developed the technology to manufacture eco-friendly, high performance, bioplastics using seaweed. This technique is the first of its kind to use lipids from algae, according to the scientists…

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French seaweed startup rethinks bioplastics

Nicolas Sainte-Foie writes for Labiotech.eu about French startup Algopack manufacturing bio-based plastics made from brown algae. Founded by Rémy Lucas in 2010 and managed by David Coti, Algopack hopes to make inroads into the “more virtuous” office supplies market with algal-based plastics…

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