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Ana Feeds Our World, Part 18

ZooPoo includes the liquid and solid the wastes from animals, plants and zoo trash. The exhibits will use about 60% virtual – videos, and 40% interactive. Waste-to-energy videos will provide guests with sights of amazing processes using big screens that avoid the required footprint, odors and the noise…

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Could algae be dairy’s next food source?

Jennifer Coyne, writes in the University of Minnesota’s Dairy Star that assistant professor of renewable energy Robert Gardner and his research team think that algae could be the next ingredient used in dairy rations alongside corn and soybeans. Dr. Gardner presented his preliminary research findings during the…

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Producing a biofertilizer with microalgae and wastewater

The high concentration of nutrients in wastewaters and in effluents of agro-industrial processes, particularly total N and P, is an environmental problem, and requires costly chemical-based treatments to remove them during wastewater treatment. The ability of microalgae to effectively grow in nutrient-rich…

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