Shine a Light: Support the A.I.M. International Readers Poll

October 28, 2015 — by Mark Edwards, Chair, A.I.M. Scientific Advisory Board

We need light! Algae need light for health and vitality and so do we!
What are the first questions people ask about the algae industry?
“Who makes a difference? Who is doing what?”

Algae Industry Magazine shines light on algae activities across our industry. Now we have an opportunity to add more light by nominating deserving candidates for recognition of their discoveries, scientific contributions, education and support for social welfare.

Please take a few minutes and nominate a person or an organization. You can bring light where there was none or too little. You may nominate candidates in one or several categories. If you are interrupted, you may log off and return where you left off.

Voting will run from December 1-15. Algae Industry Magazine will publish the winners Monday, January 11, 2016. We will share the profiles of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Winners’ information will provide rich content for journalists, scientific and educational institutions, as well as social media.