Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella is getting a makeover in the UK this year.

FoodBev Media reports that Sun Chlorella will leverage the growing reputation of algae in a new marketing campaign for 2017 in the UK, designed to extend the appeal of chlorella supplements beyond its current consumer base and into more mainstream markets.

Alongside a PR campaign highlighting the product’s uses and new research into its benefits, the company will discuss the unique method they use to produce their chlorella products, which include chlorella tablets, granules and a liquid concentrate.

Sun’s chlorella is pulverized by Dyno-Mill technology – a system that breaks down the indigestible cell walls of the chlorella to release the algae’s nutrients without the use of excessive heat or chemicals, which can be detrimental to the quality of the end product.

“2017 looks set to be the year chlorella really makes its mark in the UK,” said Sun Chlorella UK general manager Yoshihito Nishimaki. “Whilst some other products in this category are struggling with credibility, chlorella continues to impress at both a scientific and sales level and we hope we can help retailers capitalize on this, with our exciting marketing campaign and quality of products, to increase consumer awareness and demand.”

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