The European (FP7) algae project Sustainable PoLymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons (SPLASH) has been developing a platform technology for the conversion of third generation algae feedstock into bioplastics. As successful industrial deployment of the platform will require involvement of a broad range of stakeholders, SPLASH recently performed a stakeholder analysis in order to guide its engagement with potential partners. An online survey was employed to measure, among other indicators, the stakeholders’ influence, interest and attitudes towards the SPLASH platform.

Based on their high potential influence and clear interest in the SPLASH platform, algae production & processing companies, end-user companies, local governments/clusters and research organizations are seen as key players in the industrial deployment of the platform, and they can make contributions in many forms.

SPLASH-logoOther stakeholders, like investors, NGO’s, associations, national governments, the European Commission and feedstock supply companies also have an interest in the SPLASH platform, but can only make more specific contributions, or limited to certain areas. Regardless of their potential influence and interest, all stakeholders indicate a positive attitude towards the SPLASH algae-based bioplastics platform and perceive it as a positive development with promising perspectives.

The stakeholder analysis is part of a number of exploitation-oriented activities within SPLASH aimed to establish interaction with potential beneficiaries of the SPLASH platform at an early stage of the project.

The analysis was performed by PNO Consultants (NL) with support from nova-Institute (DE), Value for Technology (BE) and Wageningen UR (NL). Approximately 650 organizations were approached, of which 10% participated in the survey. The next step is to assess with the SPLASH partners where stakeholders’ contributions are most needed and how they can be involved.