University of Texas OpenAlgaeUniversity of Texas algae-to-biofuel researchers have disclosed a new analytical method of extracting oils from algal cells, as well as have described a liquid chromatography method that generates a simple and highly informative oil profile.

The research (“Extraction of Algal Lipids and Their Analysis by HPLC and Mass Spectrometry,” by Jessica Jones, Schonna Manning, Morela Montoya, Karin Keller and Martin Poenie) will be published in the May 2012 issue of The Journal of the Oil Chemists’ Society (online now at and was funded in part by OpenAlgae.

OpenAlgae has developed concentration, electromechanical cell lysis and solvent-less oil recovery technologies for renewable oil platforms in conjunction with The University of Texas at Austin. “Algal oils have a complex and variable composition, and the industry needs standardized methods to compare algal oils from different strains and geographies,” said Dr. Peter Kipp, vice president of OpenAlgae. “The oil composition determines the value, and understanding the value is the key to building a multi-product algae business.”