radicaloptionWhat if humans could make the energy they need from sunlight, air and water — like algae, plants and trees? What if humans could perform…photosynthesis?

The algae-powered adventure novel Radical Option dives deep into how modifying human DNA could give humanity the edge it needs to combat the climate crisis. An out-of-the box concept for sure and replete with potentially-deadly risk factors.

Undaunted, Dr. Catherine Connelly and her team of biological pioneers push forward into uncharted evolutionary territory and find they must confront a powerful, shadowy faction determined to exclusively control the technology for purposes that can only be described as “apocalyptic.”

This page-turning, action-packed drama is chock full of entertaining characters with unconventional skills who surprise with their personal insights and clever responses to life-threatening situations.

Charles Bensinger is author of seven previous publications. While designing and teaching the nation’s first community college algae program in 2009 at the Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he fell under the spell of the marvelous microbes — as did many of his students. He pondered the fact that cyanobacteria and algae have around three billion years of evolutionary experience — and they’re still here, doing just fine, having weathered five major extinction events. His thrilling tale of how humans and algae might choose to interact on a profoundly personal level to help preserve what’s left of our rapidly vanishing natural environment, makes fast, fine, and highly provocative reading.

More information on Radical Option and its companion volumes are available on the website: www.peopleofthechange.com. Hard copy and e-books can be ordered from Amazon.com.