Omegavie® DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver®5 is produced entirely in France

Polaris has launched Omegavie® DHA 650 Qualitysilver®5 high concentrate & highly performing omega-3 algal oil, produced in France from sustainable sources of microalgae.

Omegavie oils benefit from Polaris’ unique 5th generation of Qualitysilver process, making it ultra-stable. This patented technology, specially designed for algal DHA, prevents the omega-3 from oxidative stress, avoiding the polyunsaturated fatty acids’ degradation and reducing the risk of organoleptic failing in the finished product.

Polaris claims that testing has shown that Omegavie DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver5 is about 4 times more stable than standard algal oil, which means that its nutritional, flavor, aroma and mouthfeel qualities are preserved, and its shelf life optimized.

Omegavie DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver5 is derived from microalgae cultivated in a strictly controlled environment. It is extracted using an entirely natural enzymatic process with no solvents, then subjected to a high-tech purification and concentration process. The whole production process is completely eco-friendly.

Omegavie DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver5 is non-GMO Verified, and free from allergens.