The computer-controlled PBR101 uses innovative technology to re-create algal environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity, and CO2, enabling scientists to study algae under the same conditions found outdoors in the ponds, but in the much more efficient confines of the laboratory. The PBR provides for a great number of algal growth conditions to be controlled, monitored, and recorded by computer, for accurate emulation of local environmental conditions, determination of optimal growth conditions, or both.

Phenometrics, manufacturer of the PBR 101 bench-top photobioreactor, has now introduced narrow spectrum colored lights as an add-on accessory for the ePBR and PBR101 photobioreactors. The new lights are designated NSL-100G (green), NSL-100R (red) and NSL-100B (blue).

Scientists and growers using indoor bioreactors use colored lights to stimulate production of different bio-chemicals in specific algae.

The colored lights are compatible to both the ePBR and PBR 101 photobioreactors currently in use, and are easy to change without having to power down the unit. The lamp requires recalibration for best functionality and safety.

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