Phenometrics’ PBR-101, equipped with the FSL-200 Full Spectrum Light system

Photobioreactor experts Phenometrics Inc. have introduced a new accessory for their PBR-101 photo bioreactors, the FSL-200 Full Spectrum Light system. The FSL-200’s LED produces a more accurate solar spectrum, compared to the current LED light that comes standard with the PBR-101.

The PBR101 is a computer controlled compact desktop photobioreactor system that allows the user to simulate aquatic pond conditions using temperature change and diurnal light cycles. It can be used for dynamic monitoring of algae, as well as configured into a matrix of +25 units.

The new light will benefit scientists who are specifically concerned with simulating outdoor growing conditions. Since the FSL-200 more closely matches the spectrum of sunlight, it will improve data results displayed by the Algal Command control software, which controls the photo bioreactors both individually and in a matrix of up to 12 PBRs.

The FSL-200 is also six times brighter and uses more power – each PBR-101 unit will require upgrading with new boards and a power supply. The cost of the light will include the cost of internal board and power modification. Customers may request an onsite upgrade or send their PBRs back to Phenometrics for modification.

“Customers have been asking for this product for years,” said Jody Burgess, Phenometrics President and CEO. “Our engineering team at the Kramer Lab at Michigan State University designed and tested this light system under laboratory conditions for the past two years. We are proud to bring this important innovation to our customer base.”

Mimi Hall, Phenometrics’ Director of Sales and Marketing said, “We hope everyone comes by our booth this month at the ABO Summit in Salt Lake City, October 29-November 1, where we will be showing the product for the first time. European customers can come see the FSL-200 Light system at the Phenometrics booth during the AlgaEurope Conference in Berlin, Germany, December 5-7, 2017.”

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