Phenometrics’ PBR 101 desktop photo bioreactor will now be available in India and China via two new partnerships.

Phenometrics Inc., a leading manufacturer of desktop photo bioreactors for the algae industry, has expanded its distribution into India and China with two new partnerships. The company has joined with Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd., as a partner reseller to provide sales and technical support for all of its Indian customers; and a leading Chinese sales reseller, Fame Instruments Co., LTD, to provide Phenometrics’ products to Chinese scientists and algal producers.

Phenometric’s strategic partnership with Biolinx will enable sales distribution of Phenometrics’ PBR101 desktop photo bioreactor system and accessory products, as well as provide comprehensive technical support to guarantee customer satisfaction in India. Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd, is headquartered in Mumbai, and provides complete Lab Solutions, offering a one-stop-shop for sourcing, procuring and consolidation.

Phenometrics has reached a strategic partnership with Fame Instruments Company for sales distribution of the PBR101 and comprehensive technical support to guarantee customer satisfaction in China. Fame Instruments, headquartered in Wuhan, has distribution channels covering the whole country, from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yunnan to other remote parts of China.

“We are extremely lucky to have these new strategic partnership,” said Jody Burgess, Phenometrics’ CEO. Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd. deliver superior quality sales and service, to India’s algal research and production community. And Fame Instruments Co. are an exceptional distributor in China committed to the aquatic scientific research community.

“We are happy to add Phenometrics’ high quality line of photo bioreactor products to our sales offerings in India,” said Biolinx Labsystems Director, Mittal Harish Gor. “Phenometrics’ photo bioreactor systems has proven to be the preferred research platform for algae growth for the past 7 years in India. Their products will complement our current line of aquatic metric instruments and will support further scientific exploration for algal biofuel and improve algae food production.”

Fame Instruments Overseas Manager, Aloe Feng said, “Phenometrics’ photo bioreactor systems will complement our current line of aquatic research instruments. Fame Instruments company supports aquatic scientific research to Inform more people about the importance of water ecology, in hopes that the people will become more concerned with the future and fate of the motherland (China). Each one of us is duty-bound to advance the scientific process, to increase long term prosperity, and discover important solutions to the environmental problems we face today and in the future.”

The PBR101 is a computer controlled compact desktop photo bioreactor system that allows the user to simulate aquatic pond conditions using temperature change and diurnal light cycles. It can be used for dynamic monitoring of algae, as well as configured into a matrix of +25 units. Phenometrics Inc. is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, with a West Coast sales office in Southern California.

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