PhenometricsEast Lansing, MI-based Phenometrics Inc. has announced shipment and installation of it’s first line of products, Environmental Photo Bioreactors (ePBR) matrix systems, for algae biofuel research at six NAABB member sites: the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Michigan State University, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Brooklyn College, and the University of Washington.

Their programmable bench-top photo bioreactor, the ePBR, gives scientists the capability to grow algae in the lab by matching the same conditions of light intensity and temperature that the algae experience in the field. The ePBR also measures algae growth, pH and temperature for data analysis, which is displayed using the Algal Command™ software.

The ePBR matrix technology was originally invented in the Kramer lab in the DOE Plant Research Laboratories at Michigan State University. Dr. David Kramer and his team of scientists and engineers invented the prototype to support the Kramer Lab’s algae research. This technology was presented in a conference lecture to the members of the NAABB, who recognized that the instrument could shorten research trials and allow for high throughput data analysis. NAABB provided a grant to continue to develop the technology and ordered 60 ePBRs through Phenometrics, which has a license to commercialize the technology.

Mimi C. Hall, CEO of Phenometrics, said, “Getting the ePBRs installed in these ground breaking research labs is the culmination of a year of collaborative work between Michigan State University, the NAABB, and Phenometrics.”