Mimi Cook Hall returns to Phenometrics as Sales and Marketing Director.

Mimi Cook Hall, co-founder of Phenometrics Inc. rejoined the company in July as Sales and Marketing Director. In 2010 — when the company was founded to provide desktop photo bioreactors to the algae scientific community — she was the entrepreneur business partner and co-founder along with inventors Dr. David Kramer, Dr. Ben Lucker, Dr. Christopher Hall, and Robert Zagarac.

Ms. Hall brings over 20 years of marketing expertise and industry contacts to help direct Phenometrics’ sales efforts. “I am very enthusiastic about Phenometrics’ outlook for the future,” she said. “New products are in development, and we will continue to support and expand our global installed base which has units on every continent. Our international market is very strong and our domestic market continues to grow. The PBR101 is currently the standard algae research platform for many new scientific discoveries and we are very proud of that distinction.”

“We are happy to have Mimi Hall back at Phenometrics,” said Jody Burgess, President and CEO. “Our new team has the ideal combination of talent and personality for growth. Mimi’s contacts in the industry and her understanding of the customers’ needs make her a valuable addition to the team.”

For more information: www.PhenometricsInc.com