Mimi Hall returns to CEO position at Phenometrics.

Mimi Cook Hall, has accepted the position of CEO at Phenometrics Inc. after serving three years as the Director of Sales and Marketing, generating sales revenue, and implementing marketing strategies for the company. Ms. Hall was the original founding CEO from 2010 to 2013 and has maintained a position on the Board of Directors since its founding in 2010.

Ms. Hall brings over 20 years of executive management and business development experience to Phenometrics. “It is great to be back as CEO at Phenometrics,” says Ms. Hall. “As we celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we are proud to have PBR systems on almost every continent. New products are in development to meet the needs of our customers. Our international market continues to grow, and our domestic market remains strong.”

“Mimi Hall has demonstrated that she has the extraordinary heart and brain to lead Phenometrics,” added Phenometrics Board Director, Mark Edwards. “The new Phenometrics team has a strong combination of industry support experience and a vision for growth by helping global scientists. Her extensive positive relationships with new and long-term customers make her uniquely the ideal Phenometrics leader.”

The Phenometrics Photo Bioreactor is an advanced algae culturing system that allows quick and easy determination of the best growth factors for the user’s algae strains. The original Phenometrics ePBR, PBR 101’s predecessor, was developed by Dr. David Kramer, a foremost researcher in photosynthesis and bioenergetics at Michigan State University. In recent years Phenometrics’ desktop photobioreactors have been used by algae production growers for the optimization of the algae before it’s scaled up in a pond. Phenometrics’ is now offering the third generation of PBR technology.