A 4,000 m2 raceway in operation in Australia with a single 1 hp (0.75kW) gear motor; paddle design by MicroBio Engineering Inc and Colorado Lining.

Anew 4,000 m2 raceway at Muradel Pty Ltd site in Whyalla South Australia, featuring a paddle wheel constructed entirely from fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is now in operation. The newly designed paddle wheel was a collaboration between MicroBio Engineering Inc and Colorado Lining International Inc.

The patent pending FRP paddle wheel is significantly lighter than alternative metal shaft designs, which allows for longer unsupported lengths and reduced overall construction costs in large scale raceway systems. Metal paddle wheels require custom welding and heavy equipment to install, whereas the FRP paddle wheel can be assembled in the field using standard hardware and manual labor.

FRP is highly corrosion resistant, which allows operation in harsh conditions, including salt water cultures, at substantially lower costs than 316 stainless steel. UV resistant and food-safe coatings improve longevity and reduce maintenance requirements.

The new improved paddle wheel is shipped efficiently in parts and pieces, and is easily replaced if damaged using basic hand tools.

For more information contact: http://microbioengineering.com