by Mark Edwards, Chair, A.I.M. Scientific Advisory Board

The Algae Industry Magazine’s 2017 International Readers’ Poll recognizes the best in our industry – selected by you, our AIM readers. Thank you for your participation!

The Poll offers a voyage of discovery throughout the algae industry. Many people ask, “What is happening in the algae industry?” The Poll provides intriguing answers about novel uses for algae, such as food, cancer drugs and alginates for sustainable plastics and surfboards. New and emerging creative companies around the world are introducing their fascinating R&D and practice. Several novel or improved technologies offer revolutionary solutions for choke points in algae production, including improving algae cultures, identification and harvest.

Our Poll mission states that we want to enable A.I.M. readers and algae leaders to:

  1. Recognize and reward innovation and excellence.
  2. Convey who and what make a difference in the algae industry.
  3. Celebrate innovative people, companies, laboratories and technologies.
  4. Give Algae Industry Magazine readers a go-to source for algae industry resources.

Please use social media to share your thoughts on the degree to which this Poll meets our mission.

You have spoken! The top nominees were selected based on the number of nominations and the experienced judgment of the A.I.M. Scientific Advisory Board. We have a great slate of winners, and we are delighted that 408 of you actively engaged in the voting process.


The Poll acts as a learning tool to introduce organizations doing very interesting things. You will see a link to a website for each winner.


We know some very deserving candidates were left out of the 2017 process. If you would like to nominate a candidate for a possible future Algae Industry Magazine International Readers’ Poll, please make your nomination now. Also include a brief description and contact information for the nominee. If you have a recommendation for a new category, please let us know. Your ideas may make a big difference in educating our industry.

Please thank and support our 2017 International Readers’ Poll Sponsors.