Nicholas Petrovic, proprietor of Apogee Spirulina, leads a workshop in the production of spirulina and aquaponics.

Apogee Spirulina, in association with Santa Fe Community College is offering a 5-day workshop on DIY Spirulina and Aquaponics, where workshop students will get four days of hands-on Artisan spirulina farming, learning the French cultivation method. Aquaponics will be discussed providing students with real life experience in what it takes to build and maintain a facility.

The Spirulina portion of the course will be taught by Nicholas Petrovic proprietor of Apogee Spirulina, gold medal winner of the A.I.M. International Readers Poll for best Microfarm. Aquaponics will be taught by Charlie Shultz, Lead Faculty of the Controlled Environment Agriculture program at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC). Luke Spangenburg, Director, SFCC Biofuels Center of Excellence will add his experience in the algae industry, cultivation, technology and integration of environmental solutions to the educational sessions.

The Workshop is being held from July 31 – August 4, 2017, at Santa Fe Community College, 6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Apogee Spirulina, near the SFCC campus.

Students will leave with a certificate of completion, an expansive flash drive with pertinent references, a list of preferred venders and a complete starter kit for their own spirulina production once they return home. Each day will consist of ½ day field work and ½ day lecture. As this is a working spirulina farm, activities begin at 6:30am sharp Tuesday-Friday.

While in Santa Fe, students will also be exposed to the multi award winning Trades and Advanced Technologies Center (TATC) departments of Algae, Biofuels, Aquaculture Hydroponics, Solar, Water Treatment and Reuse. Optional social activities will also be planned throughout the week.

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