Fast food chain Nordsee, in Germany, will be offering the Mak-Pak algae-based food packaging. reports that German academics and industry launched a program recently, aiming to develop a new type of environmental, even edible, food package made of algae.

The program, named Mak-Pak, involves University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute and fast food chain company Nordsee in Germany. The two-year program gets sponsored by the German Agriculture Ministry.

The recyclable, disposable, and edible food package for takeaway food will only be made of algae from the North Sea.

“We want to utilize all the algae fiber, rather than only extraction from the plant,” said Britta Grote, a researcher with Alfred Wegener Institute.

There still remained some problems to be solved in terms of the new package’s casting and practical use, according to Frederike Reimold, the program leader from the university.

The company will take charge of the package design and the early market test of the research result.

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