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Taking ATP3 Workshops on the Road

Dr. Tom Dempster works as a research professor – focusing on strain selection and development, biomass production, algal biofuels and high-value products, and air and wastewater bioremediation – at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI) at Arizona State University….

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A.I.M. Interview: SFCC’s Luke Spangenburg

The vision of developing a community college degree program to train a high technology algae workforce was launched at New Mexico’s Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) in 2009. Charles Bensinger assembled the program, with state funding, to start this trained labor pipeline to the Sapphires, Solazymes and…

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A.I.M. Interview: Sapphire Energy’s Bryn Davis

In January of this year, after six months of plummeting oil prices, Sapphire Energy CEO James E. Levine announced that the company – with eight years and $300+ million of investment into drop-in algal biofuels – “is moving forward with its vision of commercializing its technology through several end markets.” The new…

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A.I.M. Interview: Sara Volz

Sara, we’ve got to hand it to you. A lot of students make it all the way through college without much of an idea about what they plan to do afterwards. You, on the other hand, seem to have had a pretty clear idea from an early age….

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