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Microalgae repository inaugurated in India reports that Sangita M. Kasture, Joint Director of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) at India’s Bharathidasan University, said during the recent Inauguration of the National Repository for Micro-algae and Cyanobacteria-Freshwater, that the Centre had recently approved a national policy…

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New biofuel cell system uses spirulina

Japan for Sustainability reports that Osaka City University announced on April 25, 2018, that it succeeded in developing a new biofuel cell system with the functions of a solar cell and the ability of carbon dioxide conversion. Utilizing the photosynthesis function of spirulina, this solar-light driven biofuel cell…

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James Cook University and MBD biorefine Ulva

A team of researchers at James Cook University has just published a cascading “biorefinery” approach for the extraction of soluble sulphated polysaccharides — known as ulvans — from the green sea lettuce, Ulva. The technique is simple and robust with a view to commercial production for nutraceutical applications…

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Israeli algal research team turns up the hydrogen

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich writes in the Jerusalem Post that Dr. Iftach Yacoby and his research team at Tel Aviv University, in Israel, have genetically altered microalgae to increase its efficiency of producing hydrogen to five times its natural ability. “Hydrogen is an energy source with huge advantages,” says Dr. Yacoby…

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