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Exploring land plant evolution

How did plants make the evolutionary jump from water to land? Scientists think that green algae are their water-living ancestors, but we are not sure how the transition to land plants happened. However, new research from Michigan State University, and published in the journal eLife, presents evidence…

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Could algae be dairy’s next food source?

Jennifer Coyne, writes in the University of Minnesota’s Dairy Star that assistant professor of renewable energy Robert Gardner and his research team think that algae could be the next ingredient used in dairy rations alongside corn and soybeans. Dr. Gardner presented his preliminary research findings during the…

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Learn to build a spirulina microfarm

Apogee Spirulina, in association with Santa Fe Community College is offering a 5-day workshop on DIY Spirulina and Aquaponics, where workshop students will get four days of hands-on Artisan spirulina farming, learning the French cultivation method. Aquaponics will be discussed providing students with real life…

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MSU–PHYCO2 research moves to phase 4

Michigan State University and California-based PHYCO2, a company that focuses on algae growth and CO2 sequestration, are now using wastewater from breweries to produce algae as part of their ongoing partnership to generate clean energy sources. The production employs PHYCO2’s carbon dioxide-capturing technology…

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An alga-rithm to save the coral

Northwestern University researchers have developed a quantitative tool that might help bring back coral from the brink of extinction. The novel algorithm could help assess and predict the future of coral bleaching events by better understanding the coral’s symbiotic partner: algae. “Coral is not an independent organism…

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Creating edible algae for space travel

Robert Evatt writes in about a vast array of extremely complex technical hurdles in flying astronauts all the way to Mars, not the least of which being “what will the astronauts eat?” Parameswar Harikumar, an associate professor at the University of Tulsa’s (TU) Department of Physics and Engineering…

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