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Researching conditions leading to HABs

When there is a combination of population increase, wastewater discharge, agricultural fertilization, and climate change, the cocktail is detrimental to humans and animals. This harmful cocktail produces harmful algal blooms, and many of these are toxic to humans and wildlife. Wayne Wurtsbaugh, Professor Emeritus…

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Exploring land plant evolution

How did plants make the evolutionary jump from water to land? Scientists think that green algae are their water-living ancestors, but we are not sure how the transition to land plants happened. However, new research from Michigan State University, and published in the journal eLife, presents evidence…

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Microalgae repository inaugurated in India reports that Sangita M. Kasture, Joint Director of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) at India’s Bharathidasan University, said during the recent Inauguration of the National Repository for Micro-algae and Cyanobacteria-Freshwater, that the Centre had recently approved a national policy…

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