Blendtek Ingredients Inc., a Canadian innovative food ingredients and solutions company, has partnered with Fitoplancton Marino, a leader in the development of marine microalgae cultures based in Spain, to supply an emerging natural health ingredient with a wide range of beneficial applications for food, health and nutrition products. Easyalgae®Plankton-Extract is a powerful marine-based extract for the skin and a unique solution for the dermocosmetic industry.

“The interest and demand for microalgae ingredients is rapidly growing in the functional foods and cosmetic industries as the proven benefits of microalgae continue to be realized,” said Steve Zinger, President of Blendtek.

“Fitoplancton Marino’s revolutionary technology and industry leadership makes them the ideal partner for Blendtek as we continue to source and supply the highest quality, innovative and in-demand ingredients to help enhance our customer’s products,” he said.

“At Fitoplancton Marino we have made great efforts in developing bioactive microalgae ingredients to transform regular foods and products into innovative functional foods and products that support healthy living, sustainable development and economic viability,” said David Hunter, Business & Product Developer, Fitoplancton Marino. “Phytoplankton is the future of nutrition and health, and we are excited to show the industry the big potential of this microscopic plant that powers the entire ocean.”