Because Animals is launching a pet food line for both dogs and cats that is meat-free and contains algae.

Emily Court reports in that Because Animals, an animal-free pet food brand recently launched out of Philadelphia, PA, aims to make a “worldwide impact” on the pet food business through an environmentally friendly, animal-free approach.

The food and supplement company is the brain child of animal advocates, rescue pet owners, and shelter volunteers Joshua Errett and Shannon Falconer. The pair joined forces while seeking food for their companion animals that was not only nutritious and environmentally friendly, but did not require other animals to die in its production.

While Because Animals pet food is still in development, the pair have already launched an algae-based supplement designed to improve pet health and demonstrate the power of its key ingredient. The supplement will be followed by a pet treat, set to debut this summer, and a pet food which the pair hope to release the following winter.

Mr. Errett told PBN the supplement promises better digestion, and a “softer, shinier coat” for companion animals. “Our supplements contain over 250 million active probiotic cultures, and antioxidant-dense fruit and vegetable powders. Our all-natural ingredients contain essential minerals, prebiotics and omega 3 fatty acids.”

The soon-to-be-released pet food will adopt trends also appearing in the human food market, including that of clean meat. “We will use microalgae, cultured protein and clean meat, and combine these ingredients with nutrients sourced from bacteria, yeast and plants to create nutritionally-complete foods for dogs and cats,” he said.

The brand has already been accepted to Amazon’s startup program Amazon Launchpad, and has received support from the network of investors informally called “the Vegan Mafia” which aims to support brands that take animals out of the sales equation.

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