You have voted. And now it’s time to reveal the results of the 2017 A.I.M. International Readers’ Poll of who and what people, issues, and developments are leading the evolution of the algae industry.

If you’ve been one of those people tracking all things algae for a while, you’ve seen how the algae industry does not behave quite like any other industry out there. It’s as unpredictable as algae is versatile, and to make any accurate predictions would be akin to counting on election polling. There are just too many factors at work here to call the future with any accuracy.

It is precisely this reason that we have turned to the experts, you, to get the indicators for where this industry is moving. Your consensus is the best predictor, in our opinions, of who and what is leading our industry into the future.

The publishers of A.I.M. would like to thank Mark Edwards, once again, for his stellar work and guidance in putting the 2017 A.I.M. International Readers poll together and providing its context and organization. We’d also like to thank this year’s sponsors, Algae Lab Systems, Bigelow NCMA, MicroBio Engineering and Santa Fe Community College for their valuable support of this effort.

And of course thank all of you who nominated and voted, for making the results meaningful and reflective of where we are in the progress of this fabulous, interesting, confounding, exciting, ever-changing algae industry.

So, without further ado