AlgoSource is involved at each stage of the microalgae cycle: from selection and production (from laboratory to industrial scale), creating value from algae refining, through to the manufacture of finished goods.

Saint-Nazaire, France-based AlgoSource has announced the recent launch of their new production unit that will allow the company to quadruple their spirulina extract production in 2017 to an annual capacity of 100,000 liters. The expansion, according to the company, will ensure the sales development in new segments like drinks and pet care in France and other European countries including Spain, Italy and England.

AlgoSource has been producing spirulina extracts containing phycocyanin since 1998. Working through its subsidiary Alpha Biotech – which distributes to consumers as well as professional distributors – AlgoSource’s flagship product Spirulysat® is now available in more than 500 retail outlets in France, Poland, Germany, and Holland.

The new ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified production unit is the first step of a business plan that represents a total of 3 million euros investment. A third of this total is dedicated to the validation of products’ functional activities, new products and functionalities development. This effort is being supported by BPI France.

The rest of the investment is dedicated to the production process. At the end of the plan in 2020, the annual production capacity is expected to be raised up to 200,000 liters and 80 million ampoules.

AlgoSource’s activity reached 1.5 million euros with 20 employees in 2015. The group consolidated its structure by becoming the sole shareholder of its subsidiaries Alpha Biotech and AlgoSource Technologies on January 1, 2016.