Algatech is partnering with Sphera on microalgae-based functional foods.
Photo: PRNewsfoto/Algatechnologies, Ltd.

Israeli-based Algatechnologies, Ltd. (Algatech), is teaming up with the Italian R&D company, Sphera Encapsulation S.r.l (Sphera), to develop innovative functional ingredient formats. Based on Sphera’s propriety encapsulation technology, the partnership will focus first on development of new delivery forms of ingredients derived from microalgae.

Their debut product, expected to launch in the coming months, is a water-soluble powder of AstaPure®, an all-natural astaxanthin. The powder is formulated with natural ingredients only, and becomes a clear solution in water. It is odorless and has a neutral flavor. The new powder technology also boosts bioavailability. Algatech and Sphera will introduce the new powder at Vitafoods, in Geneva, Switzerland.

“The nutraceutical market is fast-changing,” said Hagai Stadler, CEO of Algatech. “Companies are looking for new delivery forms and higher value for their products, and Sphera’s propriety technology is able to answer this growing demand. That technology will allow incorporation of astaxanthin and other microalgae ingredients into new food and beverage categories, and add significant value to existing markets.”

“The development of new functional products requires technologies improving bioavailability and potency,” said Gianni Zoccatelli, CEO of Sphera, “Our expertise allows us to offer consumers unique products that are appealing to the senses. We are devoted to using biodegradable materials and creating sustainable products. We are very excited to partner with a leading microalgae company like Algatech that is committed to the environment and has created great sustainable ingredients.”

“Partnering across the value chain with cutting-edge technology companies such as Sphera Encapsulation is another step forward in our strategy for bringing the benefits of microalgae to the next level,” added Mr. Stadler.

Founded in 1998, Algatech is a world leader in the production and supply of AstaPure®, a premium natural astaxanthin sourced from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis.