Romainville, France-based Metabolium has announced the development of what they say is the first ever oil with a high DHA and organic selenium content, called Olïse®. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) that is vital for brain development and function as well as for eyesight, while selenium is essential for normal endocrine and immune system function.

The technology developed by Metabolium produces food ingredients with a high DHA and organic selenium content by allowing protist fermentation to take place in the presence of appropriate forms of selenium. The process increases the yield of total fats, PUFAs and DHA, while organic selenium protects the product from oxidation.

Olïse is intended for human nutrition markets, primarily food supplements, and for animal nutrition, particularly aquaculture, says the manufacturer. Just like selenium, omega-3 fats are vital for vertebrates; they are usually found in fish, fish oil and plants.

“This innovation represents a continuation of our work in combining the benefits of molecules of interest from microalgae with the renowned health benefits of natural organic selenium,” said Dominique Duvauchelle, principal shareholder, chairman and chief executive officer of Metabolium. “It is an important milestone for the company, as Olïse complements our existing nutritional solutions and opens up new opportunities in a highly promising market for omega-3 fats.”

The company plans to sign licensing and partnership agreements to produce and market the product.