algaeteclogo300Renewable oil company Algae.Tec has signed an agreement with Phoenix Energy Australia to provide its proprietary algae to biofuels technology for proposed waste to energy (W2E) facilities for Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Victoria, Phoenix Energy Australia specializes in commercializing technology for converting municipal landfill waste into renewable energy, and is currently working with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Environment and Chemical Co and John Holland.

The deal will see Algae.Tec provide its technology exclusively for any W2E plant built by Phoenix, for use in capturing the CO2 produced by the plant and converting it into algae oil products. Phoenix, based in Victoria, is currently negotiating contracts to build and manage centralized W2E facilities using waste taken from groups of municipalities in Australia.

Peter Dyson, managing director of Phoenix said his company believed Algae.Tec had “the best and most efficient” carbon capture technology in the world.

“The unique design of their engineered modules will allow it to be easily integrated into the W2E plant site without the need for the large ponds that are required by other algae type applications,” said Dyson. This will also mean that the Algae.Tec process has the potential to be retrofitted to many of the 1,000 international waste to energy plants, of which over 400 are based on the same technology we are deploying here in Australia and New Zealand.”