Plant-based health and wellbeing company Algae.Tec Limited (AEB) has announced that it has entered into a binding Heads of Agreement (HOA) to acquire a significant interest in private Australian-based pharmaceutical delivery company, NS Technologies Pty Ltd (NST).

NS Technologies Pty Ltd is a Western Australian business founded in 2007 which has developed and patented a unique and effective pharmaceutical delivery system for topical (spray and patch), nasal and sub-lingual applications, which enables pharmaceuticals to be delivered without the use of a syringe, or ingesting a pill or potion, or through any direct inhalation procedure.

The mini-emulsion delivery system comprises emulsion “droplets” within which the bioactive compound is captured. This provides a controlled presentation of the substance to the body. The mini emulsion droplets filter through the epidermal layer, in an effective, “slow release” manner, allowing lower dosages, with an effective outcome. This mini emulsion base component requires a selected vegetable oil, which is ideally suited to specific algal oils.

The NST delivery platform was patented after successful clinical trials, supervised by Professor Fiona Woods, Australia’s leading burn victim specialist, at Royal Perth Hospital in 2011 and 2012. The technology is one where a “mini-emulsion” was developed to allow complex molecules, up to 1000 in molecular weight, to penetrate the epidermis skin layer, and enter the subdermal layer of the human body.

Under the agreement, AEB will acquire 19.9% of NST and exclusively license a patented delivery platform technology developed by NST for use across any medical application developed by AEB. NST has also agreed to use AEB’s algae oil as the base component of its emulsion delivery platform.

AEB will collaborate with NST’s in-house team to develop a range of mini-emulsion pharmaceutical products to be used across a range of medicinal applications for both human and veterinary purposes using selected algal oils.

“This partnership delivers AEB the exclusive global use of a truly unique and proven delivery system, providing the Company with operations across all phases of the pharma value chain, from algal oil production through to pharmaceutical delivery,” said Algae.Tec’s Executive Chairman and Managing Director, Malcolm James.

“This agreement is highly complementary to AEB’s existing algae and medicinal cannabis operations,” he said, “and will provide significant optionality to both of these respective divisions as the partnership with NST evolves. Looking ahead, AEB has a number of other high-growth and also complementary initiatives in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing these with shareholders very soon.”

NST Founding Director, Alan Leeming, added, “We are very pleased to be partnering with AEB and believe their expertise in the plant-based health and wellness sector will be a significant benefit to our business moving forward. Like so many patented inventions, this pharmaceutical delivery technology has been nearly two decades in the making and we are now entering a very exciting period in the development of this delivery platform. We look forward to building this relationship with AEB in the near-term as we capitalize on a number of commercial opportunities in the global pharmaceutical delivery space.”