A.I.M. International Readers’ Poll

October 13, 2015 — by Mark Edwards, Chair, A.I.M. Scientific Advisory Board

What is trending in the Algae Industry? Let’s find out!

Algae Industry Magazine’s International Readers’ Poll 2015 listens to your voice in recognizing superb contributors to our algae industry. The Poll offers an opportunity to recognize Best Practice across several important categories.

The A.I.M. International Readers’ Poll provides a recognition platform to convey scientific, technological, environmental and social contributions to the world by recognizing people and institutions that have accomplished extraordinary work and discovery.

Winners will provide profiles of their discoveries and achievements that will convey fascinating information to our Algae Industry colleagues. Winners’ vignettes will enable journalists, scientific organizations and social media to share and celebrate algae industry success.

The first step asks for your nominations. You may nominate candidates in one or several categories. If you are interrupted, you may log off and return where you left off. Nominations will be open for only two weeks, so please send in your nominations ASAP.

Voting will run from December 1-15. Algae Industry Magazine will publish the winners Monday, January 11, 2016. We will share the profiles of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

What is trending in the Algae Industry? Please help us in this process of discovery!

Algae Industry Magazine would like to thank the Sponsors of the 2015 International Readers Poll: Commercial Algae Professionals (CAP), Bigelow Laboratories, Colorado Lining, MicroBio Engineering, and Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) for their support and belief that events like this are needed to acknowledge important contributions to our industry while stimulating competition and growth. We encourage you to visit their websites to fully appreciate the innovative contributions each of them have made to the growth and future of the Algae Industry.